Sitting here thinking, as time pass by

I am fading by the lack of attention

You held me at my highest capacity of love waiting to be captured

You speak words, but actions are louder

I hate the person you are yet I love you

You make me smile by my vision of you

the way your words lie hit me every time

I hang on by a thin thread only to be broken

broken like the promises you make

Make me want to forget every reason I held on

You were my breath of fresh air, the wind beneath my wings

I flew off love….. Your love made me whole

Every situation I encounter made me stronger

All because of you…. Yes, YOU

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If He Knew

If he knew how I felt I wonder if he would leave or stay by my side, I the knew how much I loved him, would he return the words in favor and or bend his pride where in arms open wide wed fall in love, if he knew how much pain he consoled and put me through I wonder would we start over again and feel the same inside or would he try to make up for it (if he only knew) Does he not see how many tears I have cried? Is it that hard for him to undo his mistakes and dry these weeping eyes, for I have a passionate love for him that’s so sincere and true, something I like us to share together the until then I guess it’s something I know and wished he knew

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Returning to Myself

Lately, I have been working overtime for myself. It seems like when working on myself things begin to fall apart even the more. People begin to feel as if I become selfish but that’s the thing I am selfish for myself. I have ran myself rag it for other people. I have become tired of trying to do things for people that I don’t like but I do it to please them while on the other hand I am not happy with the decision I made. Every day is a struggle not to lose myself but to return myself back to myself because some where along the way I lost me. I lost me to people and things trying to fill a void. Little by little I started distancing myself from the things I found enjoyment in. I begin to listen to others instead of myself. I stop doing for me and started doing for them. I succumb to something so unlike me for the approval of others. I always wanted to be something to someone but instead I want to be everything to everyone. It damaged me in ways that I thought I was going crazy. I’d buy people’s time just to have a moment with them but that was temporary and it was fake. I was buying people to be my friends because I didnt have friends and I wondered what did I do for people to treat me the way they did. It made me feel as if I was important enough for them. I start feeling like I’m not enough, I’m not worthy enough for anything. I became so negative dealing with all these things I was dealing with that depression begin to sink in and I sat in pity. Learning daily how to pick my own self up and remembering I don’t need the approval of others but my own. I got this and so do you! We are over comers conquering everything that comes our way!

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Loving Me

Learning how to love all of me is what I am investing in. Even in failure, will I love myself enough to keep trying and I will succeed through all the past wounds that will continue to heal. I will not put limits on my love to myself because I am deserving of it. I have so much love to give and I take time to give it to myself because I am the one who needs it most. I will not feel bad about the decision to love all of me wholeheartedly, the good, bad, and indifferent parts.

I want to explore who I am in ways that I can’t fully comprehend until I am fully aware of who I am. I am consistently evolving! I am loving me.. all of me that is! #Poem #Poetry #Love


Thinking…….. thoughts are everywhere. Sometimes I feel like I can conquer the world then sometimes I feel like I can’t do this anymore. I have to really work at this thing called happiness. I have allowed people to disrupt my happiness with what they have going on. Things that shouldn’t concern me I have allowed to over take my mind and I feel like I can fix everything but truth is I can’t everyone’s problems I can bear fix my own problems. Happiness is something I am going to achieve. Happiness requires work and so I am going to work at being happy. People can make you happy and sad at a moments notice but to truly be happy you have to put in work. My goal is too allow myself to do things I want without feeling bad for decisions I make in fear of letting someone down. Happiness and Peace is the mission I’m on!

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