Your Presence

Your presence is like water wanting thirst, dry deserts, no air, can’t breathe when your absent!

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Hide Me

Hide me for I want to be found

In the shadows of your love

Clothe me in your happiness

I’ll find my way to joy

Hide me in your emptiness

I’ll be there thinking…….

Loving you to Death

To hell with love I say what has it done to me be sizes beat the shit out of me blacking my eyes
Bruising my soft skin causing blood to flow from my eyes instead of my tears
Cuts that won’t be able to heal my soul
Being attacked by misconstrued things
Raped by lies that invade my privacy
I’m trembling with fear shaken up by deception being dump-found it
Screaming without ever opening up my mouth
Poisonous has taken away my freedom to move
I can barely breath cant see for the life of me
These knifes are piercing my heart stop it from beating
My head mashed up, banged up
When I fell down the stairs of pain i heard it calling my name
Death lies at the door waiting for me to open it, so I say let’s make a deal with my soul on banged up knees scared legs
Trying to fight but i cant fight my arms has given in to resistance because I refuse to be left alone
I numb to this pain for nothing can hurt me anymore
* please women stop allowing these man to abuse you. You are more than just a wet whole, your more than what you are asking for. You are beautiful! BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL YES BEAUTIFUL. You are worth more than that! Don’t let no man love you to death. I love you!

Where were you?

Where were you
When I needed you the most
When I needed you to hold me close
Where were you
Sometimes I wonder as you come and as you go
Are you a friend or a foe
Shall I call you dad, daddy, or father
To define them
Dad is the one who never has
Daddy doesn’t care if his here or there
Father is the one I look up to He makes life simple yet hard, I always wonder
Where were you
When I needed you the most
When I needed you to close me close
Where were you
Sometimes I want to scream with pain
How can a person in a creation with me be so vain
I love you here, I love you there
Just because I love you
Doesn’t mean you will always be there
I love you because you helped create me but that doesn’t give you the right deviate
Do you know the agony in my love when I lay alone in the dark with a mind full of questions that always stare
Where were you
When I needed you the most
When I needed you to hold me close
Where were you??

Her Eyes Speak

Her eyes are the color of damn as they stare out the window of an empty space
Been stuck in this place for years, I want to help but in what ways are possible when I have consumed myself with lies and self-hatred
Lack of vision looking for hope trying to find faith feeling dead but yet still breathing
Tell me how can I help someone when I can’t even help myself, I always told myself to try if you fail it’s okay just try, feeling like nothing is being accomplished, ready to give up but I know you’ll never give in, slipping into a coma while life is passing by looking for ways to help her escape the hurt and pain that has consumed her mind

Can’t touch this

Our mental state can’t be comprehended by simple minded people, darkness never hides from you and the light always radiates through you, Our peace can’t be messed with, we are exclusive, catch the waves on shore … surf, running off cliffs only to fly ….. eagles … peace is our priority in this love!